Hello and welcome! I am the lucky mum of two amazing little boys and my cheeky, handsome husband is my best buddy. They are my sunshine and being a Photographer is my passion!


My weaknesses are chocolate, red wine and lazy mornings with my family. Newborn babies make my heart flutter and peonies make me smile.

I love to capture LOVE, pure emotions, laughter and beautiful new beginnings. I strive to capture images that shout out who you are – if this resonates with you then I’m the photographer for you!

Growing up, I always had a camera in-hand. After formally studying photography I spent ten years photographing more than a hundred weddings, newborn babies and families.  I honestly believe that as an art form, the study of photography is never complete and will always seek out new innovative ways to create beautiful memories for my clients.

When you book a session with me you can relax and leave your worries behind, play with your children, and really be present… Overly posed images are not my thing so let’s forget about that part. I will be there to guide you throughout the session and to draw out genuine loving moments for your family so you can revisit this time again and again with images that tug at your heartstrings.

Whether you’re gathered on your front steps at home, or nestled on a rug at the park, get caught up in your partner’s jokes and gaze into the eyes of your new bundle of joy. Allow me to capture all that makes your family uniquely yours.

Let me give you the luxury to be in the moment.

Children don’t stay little for long  – book your session today and revisit this wonderful time for years to come.

Sarah x
Photographer of loving moments.

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