Whether your family includes big kids, little kids or even fur kids, now is the time to get everyone together in front of the camera!

Sessions are relaxed and candid so you can be your true selves. We all want our children to “behave” and smile nicely for the camera, but kids don’t always respond well to commands! Asking children to sit and smile tends to bring out some unnatural cheesy grins instead of their own natural smiles & expressions – the ones they grow out of that you’ll want to capture.

Let me chase the kids! I am patient (even silly at times) with a few tricks up my sleeve and have been known to draw out a smile from the most unwilling of toddlers, much to the delight of Mum and Dad! I like to allow some time to get to know your children to bring out the best results from your session.

Outdoor sessions will take place at sunrise or sunset for beautiful soft light. Yes, it is a tricky time of day with young children but well worth adjusting your schedule when you see the results.
Indoor sessions are more flexible and usually scheduled mid-morning or early afternoon.

The location can be in your family home where you eat pancakes on a Sunday morning, your favourite picnic spot or just somewhere pretty that makes you smile. I can help with suggestions – please ask!

“What should we wear?” This is something I get asked before every session. For clothing inspiration for the whole family, check out my fashion guides on Pinterest here.

It’s your time to relax and leave your worries behind.  Play with your children and be in the moment…  Whether you’re gathered on your front steps at home or nestled on a rug in your favourite park – be there. Get caught up with your partner’s jokes and gaze into the eyes of your children. This is your time to be there and allow me to capture those natural true to life moments for you to revisit and pore over in years to come.

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